Air Flow Door vs Guardian 2 in 1 Door

When looking for ventilation into your home, usually the only option you have is to put a screen door over your existing entrance door. Which for most, is less than ideal as it requires you to have two doors in the one frame and the screen door covers up your nice entrance door.

There are, however other options.

Doors Plus Guardian 2 in 1 door, or the Air Flow 2 in 1 door.

Now let’s break down the two and look at the pros and cons.

Guardian Door

The Guardian door is essentially two doors combined.

The mechanism of the guardian door requires the homeowner to open a door within a door. Therefore, if someone wants to leave the house, they must close the insert door to open the door. Also, if someone enters the house with the insert open it knocks against the wall as there is no way to close the insert from the outside.

From the front you see a timber framed entrance door with an opening covered by security mesh.

From the inside is a glass hinged door built within the other that you open to allow ventilation through the mesh side into the home.


Air Flow Door

The Air Flow Door is one hinged door.

The frame is made from durable 45mm thick aluminium. Within that is two halves, one glass the other security mesh.

The mechanism of the Air Flow Door, being a built-in sliding window, does not effect opening and closing of the door as it is all internal.

From the inside is a built-in horizontal sliding glass widow that covers over the mesh side. This can be slid across to allow ventilation into the home.


Air Flow Door

Airflow Door

Guardian Door


Any colour in the dulux range (50+ colours)

Comes in either timber or painted white


Custom to fit any size door frame up 2400mm x 1100mm

Standard sizes (up to 2100mm high and 840mm wide)


Made in South Australia

Made overseas


Currently only available South Australia

Sold by Doors Plus with locations in most Australian capital cities


Starting at $1750 – Supply only (uninstalled) with lock and painted. Up to $2250 fully installed, painted, with Lockwood lock

Starting at $1700 - Supply only (uninstalled) no lock, unpainted. Up to $2800 fully installed

In summary

As shown in this comparison; overall the functionality of the Air Flow Door makes it the ideal pick of the 2 in 1 doors for South Australians.

It can be finished in any colour, is more functional and easier to use, can suit just about any home build and fully installed comes in at a better price.

The Air Flow Door is also the perfect fit for people with restricted mobility, as it requires less effort to open and close, takes up less space when being used, and can accommodate for larger openings i.e. a wheelchair or walker.